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The 10 best Secret Santa Pops!

Once again the festive season is upon us and with it comes the dreaded tradition of the  Secret Santa. Whether it’s an office one, a family one or even sporting team one, you can categorically predict that you will draw that one person that’s impossible to buy for every time.

Luckily Hippo Pop has you covered with our list of the 10 best Pop! Vinyl figures to get for any impossible Secret Santa situation.

10. Elf – Buddy with Snowballs Pop! Vinyl Figure

It’s Christmas time, so we kick off our list with a Christmas themed Pop! Buddy is the perfect balance of playful and cheerful, to light up the face of your secret Santa.

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9. Star Wars – Supreme Leader Snoke Pop! Vinyl Figure

Want a sneaky way to insult your boss? Luckily it’s Star Wars time, so receiving a golden robed Supreme Leader Snoke will feel like a fun Star Wars celebration… but deep down you’ll know that you’re telling your boss that he or she is a tyrannical dictator.

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8. Winnie the Pooh Pop! Vinyl Figure

Andddd back to cute! Winnie the Pooh is beloved by all and incredibly cute, no one could be disappointed with unwrapping this.

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7. Miguel – Coco Pop! Vinyl Figure

At number 7 we have a bit of a gamble. This is Miguel, from the new Pixar film Coco. We think this Secret Santa option is like an investment, it might not make a lot of sense now, but it will payoff when the new movie comes out on Boxing Day!

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6. The Last Jedi – Porg Pop! Vinyl Figure

Set to be either the Jar Jar Binks or the cutest thing ever (only a Sith deals in absolutes), the Porgs will make a perfect desk companion for the Star Wars loving co-worker.

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5. The Shining – Jack Torrance Pop! Vinyl Figure

At number 5, we suspect that both you and your hard to buy for co-worker might be in a going on a crazy murder spree kind of mood after dealing with that annoying client all year. Help them release their stress with a bit of “here’s Johnny!”

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4. Stranger Things – Hopper Pop! Vinyl Figure

Perfect for the donut dunking, coffee drinking co-worker, Hopper from Stranger Things represents the perfect balance of “gets the job done” and “kind of lazy”, and we all know that every office has at least one of that kind of person.

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3. DC Bombshells – Wonder Woman Pop! Vinyl Figure

In at number 3, but could easily have been higher on our list, Bombshells Wonder Woman is a no brainer. She’s tough, she’s empowered and she gets the job done.

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2. SDCC Supreme Leader Snoke Pop! Vinyl Figure

In at number 2 on our list, mainly for the Secret Santa cheaters out there. He’s well outside of the usually $15 or $20 limit, but once again, he’s a great way to tell your boss how you really feel. And he glows in the dark, so that’s just bonus points.

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Star Wars - Supreme Leader Snoke Holographic Glow 6" SDCC 2017 US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl

1. Sleeping Beauty – Maleficent Pop! Vinyl Figure

Taking out the number 1 position is this amazing flaming Maleficent. She’s tough, so tough she’s on fire and doesn’t even care.

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Sleeping Beauty - Maleficent with Flames US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl